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VICE x ANA - Okinawa: The Edge Of Asia

ANA Airlines wanted to break the tourist routine and challenge Australian and German travellers in particular to look outside the big cities of Japan and discover a new and personal adventure. Enter Okinawa, the southern paradisal islands of Japan. VICE brought together myself (as an Australian) and Adrian Bianco (as a German) of Biancissimo to document a trip to Okinawa, filled with outdoor adventure and culinary delight at every corner. In addition to featuring and voicing over the film, I wrote a short piece on VICE, recounting the experience and encouraging curious travellers to follow in suit. Following the films release, ANA experienced a 32% increase in travel from Australian and German destinations.

Project Roles
Editor (Copy), Writer
Documentary, Commercial
Advertising, Commercials - Video, Documentaries
Project Industries
VICE x ANA - Okinawa: The Edge Of Asia
VICE x ANA - Okinawa: The Edge Of Asia
VICE x ANA - Okinawa: The Edge Of Asia