Pivotal Labs Interactive Videowall

When Pivotal Labs decided to move offices to a completely raw, empty location I saw an opportunity for us to showcase our work in a statement piece for the lobby entrance. I worked with the architects and an AV specialist to build out a giant video wall for us to play with. Working with developer Ian Smith-Heisters, we created a data-driven visualization that displays all of the current projects in production. Using the Pivotal Labs logomark as the art, each fanblade represents an individual project. The color is determined by its location and the size is based on the number of people on the team. Kinect sensors are used to detect the flow of people back and forth through the office. As someone walks in front of the display, the sensors send a virtual gust of wind across the fanblades that responds to their direction and velocity.

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Pivotal Labs
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Pivotal Labs Interactive Videowall
Pivotal Labs Interactive Videowall