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Dacor: Let The Show Begin

Some believe the kitchen is a museum. A quiet sanctuary of stainless steel to be seen and admired but not touched and experienced. Others believe it’s a chef’s domain. A solitary space where, with a steady hand and a keen eye, instructions are followed and recipes are perfected. We believe, with the right tools, the kitchen can become something far greater than the room where food is made. It can become a stage. A place where a deft touch, subtle tap and gentle twist illuminate a wondrous spectacle of fire, ice and steam. A venue as inviting as it is innovative. An open invitation to explore, experiment and occasionally even fail, cooking up not just a magnificent meal but also a story, a romance, a passion, a laugh. Here, appliances aren’t mere props. They’re co-stars designed to ignite creativity, inspire imagination and spark the unexpected. It’s time to tear down the walls and invite the people in. It’s time to throw out the recipe, go off script and improvise at will. It’s time to turn ordinary evenings into can’t miss events. With next-generation creative tools from Dacor, it’s time to Let The Show Begin.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Creative Direction
Branded Content, Commercials - Broadcast, Editorial Designs, Social Media Content, Typography
Project Industries
Advertising, Beauty, Entertainment, Fashion, Real Estate, Retail
Dacor: Let The Show Begin