Cirrus 2 Prototype

Care of CRM is passionate about increased sales! Since 2001, Care Of CRM have been helping Nordic companies and organizations streamline their sales with their CRM and sales support product Cirrus. Cirrus's methodology is based on a philosophy that it can develop profitable customer relations through an increased focus on the individual seller's performance. It should be simple and fun to use, while making a direct use of the work. I partnered with the CEO of Care Of CRM to lead the design process on Cirrus. This is the first version and concept designs of Cirrus 2.

Project Roles
Care Of CRM
Adobe Photoshop
UI Design, UX Designs, Web Apps, Infographics
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Software, Technology
Cirrus 2 Prototype
Cirrus 2 Prototype
Cirrus 2 Prototype
Cirrus 2 Prototype