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In February 2018, Grey was approached by Facebook to participate in an initiative entitled "Create Against Hate" – a movement within creative industries to eradicate and take a stance against hate, discrimination and extremism on both Instagram and Facebook platforms. Together, creative agencies, NGOs, and Facebook came together to tackle these issues. Myself and my partner were selected to work on this initiative at Grey for Small Steps LTD– an NGO in the UK founded by former extremists working to counter the far-right's hatred and division through training, support, and education. Although this organization is doing really great work, their following was very low due to lack of visibility. So, to help boost their reach we created an Instagram page (conceptualized and written by myself and my copywriting partner, and designed by me) driven by education to raise awareness for far-right members looking to get out, family and friends of people involved in the far-right, and the general public as means to prevent further growth of extremist groups in the UK. As part of this, we also created a series of short films.

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Create Against Hate | Small Steps | Grey New York & Facebook