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American Express Global Wealth Manager Career and Training Tool

:::::::::::: SUMMARY :::::::::::: As a multi-billion dollar, multi-national financial services corporation, American Express had tens of thousands of employees. For individuals, navigating their career path within such a large organization felt confusing, leading to lower rates of employee retention, especially with some of their top tier employees - the global wealth managers in charge of Amex’s highest net-worth clients. In response, we created a comprehensive, easy-to-use online tool to help simplify the training and career development process of American Express wealth managers, leading to improved employee satisfaction, career advancement, and retention rates. :::::::::::: THE CHALLENGE :::::::::::: American Express started to notice higher than normal employee turnover rates among their wealth managers. Upon investigating the issue, they discovered that many employees lacked an understanding of how to advance in their positions, leading them to leave for companies that provided what they perceived as better opportunities. American Express knew the importance of employee retention and quality training, so they wanted to provide a solution that could help employees clearly understand the steps and expectations for developing their careers. :::::::::::: THE SOLUTION :::::::::::: In response to these issues, we created a comprehensive, yet simple-to-use online tool that helped wealth managers grow, direct, and accelerate their career paths. Incorporating training and skill development modules, the tool provided an actionable roadmap with customized resources, activities, and courses. This easy-to-access information was also a cost-effective solution, as it could train countless employees online without requiring additional human resources. The tool’s implementation helped American Express provide employees with a clear roadmap for success, improving the performance and retention of its wealth managers - a win-win for everyone.

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American Express Global Wealth Manager Career and Training Tool