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Sales Letter - Health and Fitness

This client wanted to sell a diet but due to Facebook's ad rules we couldn't call it a diet! So we came up with "The Sugar Belly Secret" It wen't BANANAS. My client got himself a huge opt in email list we later up-sold with other health products. The net result of this list? For every $1 in ad spend promoting this "free" product my client netted $3 from other informational health products. Best of all, that list is still hot! So what did I have to do with all this? My role was simple. Put together a video transcript and a sales letter complete with graphics. My sales copy gave this product credibility and persuaded people to opt in to my clients email list in order to receive a free "The Sugar Belly Secret" book. Joe - my client, was so happy with my work he hired me to write the email newsletters (sales letters) for several of his other paid health products. After seeing how well Joe was living off of my sales copy in his huge beach house out in Florida, I began asking for royalties on top of my usual copy fee!

Project Roles
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Copywriting
Project Industries
Sales Letter - Health and Fitness