Meg the Budtender

With legal marijuana now a fixture in Colorado, the state needed a campaign that could educate the public and speak directly to users in a real, relatable way and break through the clutter of traditional PSAs. So, we created "Meg the Budtender", a character that dispenses weed wisdom and tips for responsible marijuana use. With a whole lot of personality and a little humor, Meg the Budtender delivered her own specific, audience-tailored version of the Colorado Department of Health's ‘Responsibility Grows Here’ campaign message. Speaking directly to users in a way that no other state-sponsored campaign had done before, a tone specifically crafted to not feel condescending or judgemental, Meg gave the Colorado Department of Health the unprecedented chance to have a more honest and direct conversation with the public about responsible marijuana use.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Colorado Department of Health
Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Direction
Billboards, Commercials - Broadcast, Social Media Content
Meg the Budtender