Coloradans Blow

In Summer 2018 the Colorado Department of Transportation partnered with BACtrack personal breathalyzers to get their devices in the hands of all Coloradans. Problem was, most people had no idea what the device was, how it worked, or that personal breathalyzers even existed. Then, even if people were aware of these devices, they assumed they're only for drunks or past DUI offenders. So, we created an awareness campaign with a clear objective – remove the stigma behind these devices and normalize their use to a wide audience by showing that every single type of Coloradan can benefit from using a personal breathalyzer. For the lead campaign creative, we put targeted billboards all over the state with tailored messages for the uniquely Colorado residents in that specific area.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Colorado Department of Transportation
Art Direction, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Creative Strategy
Billboards, Social Media Content
Coloradans Blow