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Reel 2018

My reel. All work designed and animated by me alone unless otherwise noted. Breakdown: 00:04- Spinster Sisters Intro Animation, 2018 Part of animated intro for the Spinster Sisters web series. Software: After Effects 00:08- Phoneswap Animated Logo, 2018 Logo for Snapchat show Phoneswap. Took original animated logo by Alex Kao at Vertical Networks and gave it a new look and animations on top of it. Software: After Effects 00:11 Shia LaBeouf Original GIF, 2017 One of the original GIFs I created for Vertical Networks for their Snapchat channel, Brother Software: After Effects 00:13 BBF YR FEARS, 2017 A shot for my final project in a class at Art Center. Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects 00:21 Ghost Hunt, 2017 Animation and compositing for the Snapchat show Ghost Hunt. Live action footage shot by Sun Ho Pak & crew at Vertical Networks. Software: After Effects, Photoshop 00:33 Students looking at their phones, 2017 Animation for an edition on teachers on Brother Channel on Snapchat. Software: After Effects 00:35 Mindsy and friends walking through a forest, 2018 Animation for the Snapchat channel Mindsy. Software: After Effects 00:38 Celebrity Binge Watch Title Animation, 2017 Animation for the Snapchat show Celebrity Binge Watch. Software: After Effects 00:43: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Xmas Shots for my final project in a class at Art Center. Software: Cinema 4D, After Effects 00:55- Yeah Bro! Personal animation. I think about bros a lot. Software: Illustrator, After Effects

Project Roles
Animator, Art Director, Artist, Designer, Editor (Brand/Content), Motion Designer
2D, 3D, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D
2D Animations, 3D Animations, Branded Content, GIFs, Illustrations, Personal Project, Short Films
Project Industries
Advertising, Beauty, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Media
Reel 2018