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Prada Linea Rossa

“In a new digital video developed under the creative direction of Michael Rock/2x4 New York, directed by Arisu Kashiwagi and styled by Lotta Volkova, the svelte Linea Rossa logo becomes the protagonist, leading Anok Yai, Kris Grikaite, Daan Duez, and Taemin Park into the heart of extreme settings filled with a stylized red sun, rain, wind and snow. While the exuberant, florescent energy of the 90s is alive in these clips, the spare, tightly-wound soundtrack by composer Joe Johnson, and the bright, dynamic graphics lend the campaign an unmistakably contemporary tone. Prada Linea Rossa is back and infused with the energy of the moment.”

Project Roles
Composer, Music Producer, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer
Music, Musical Effects
Brand Films
Project Industries
Advertising, Fashion