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Bounty 360

Bounty has been a household name for decades. And it used to be 100% synonymous with “The Quicker Picker Upper.” But in the past few years, not so much. Communications were getting bogged down by claims and complicated stories, and the precious equity of the QPU was dwindling. The Brief: Bring back the Quicker Picker Upper in a big way. The Solve: Focus on the Quick-ness of Bounty’s absorbency, and juxtapose it with slow motion spills—because bad things (i.e. spills) always seem to happen in slow motion, don’t they? My partner and I came up with the entire concept of using slow motion, scripted the TV spots, oversaw production, post, music, the whole enchilada. We also blew the idea out into other platforms including social and in-store POS pieces.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
Conceptual, Copywriting, Social Media Strategy , TV
Advertising, Commercials - Broadcast, Scripted TV, Social Media Content
Project Industries
Packaged Goods
Bounty 360
Bounty 360
Bounty 360
Bounty 360
Bounty 360