BVG "Original Love is Never Finished"

As evidenced by the chorus “Fuck the BVG, fuck the BVG, fuck the BVG" in KIZ’s 2009 hit song “Fuck the BVG,“ BVG transport once faced epidemic hostility in Berlin. Things only became less dreadful when BVG launched their “Because We Love You” campaign in 2015. Like the bullied kid saved by improv, their ground-breaking solution was to respond with wittier “#Fuckyoutoo, #Idontcare” content. Today, the campaign is still going strong but Berlin is different. It’s still got grit, but it’s now modern, fashionable, and diverse. Edge and sarcasm is no longer enough, which is why we released the sneaker ticket. However, due to adidas’s totalitarian control of content, it had edge but no humour. As the expiration of the sneaker nears, we thank adidas with a tribute that says “Original is Never Finished” the BVG way. It may seem cheeky, but Berlin and adidas understand it’s only “Because We Love You.”

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BVG "Original Love is Never Finished"