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Scent of the City

Working with noted artist Sissel Tolaas and International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF), we were able to collect and print the smells of Mexico City into the pages of Swallow Magazine, allowing our readers not just the ability to see the sights, but also to inhale them as well. Creating a map of the vast city subdivided into 20 zones, we selected one colonia (neighborhood) from each zone and using revolutionary headspace technology were able to isolate the dominant smell molecules from each area. Once informed with this information, through a mix of natural and artificial smell molecules we reproduced the localized smells with alarming veracity. This mix was then encapsulated in microscopic beads and printed directly onto removable scratch and sniff stickers, each hand placed into each issue.

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Creative Director
Swallow Magazine
Creative Direction, Design
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Beauty, International
Scent of the City