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BUSINESS PROBLEM: The client was paying a third party to provide free FICO scores, but thought they save money by creating their own credit score platform. Additionally, they wanted to build a more robust platform, and include more information on how a FICO score is built. INITIAL UX: First, we had to look at what exactly made up a FICO score (e.g., the main 5 factors) and how they affected one another. From there, we wanted to build visual representations of the data to create a more robust experience. Also, there was very little outside the top level data points, so the factors themselves were not visually appealing. We realized that a tabbed approach to the factors was the best way to educate users. On page load, the user could see their main FICO score and the top reasons that were helping or hurting their score. If the user was a paying customer, then they could also see their trending chart (which was already live). Each tab focused on one factor. Within these, we had to look at the type of data the client was receiving from the credit unions. We made ideal assumptions based on the type of data they wanted to receive, and then as we progressed we manipulated the visualizations to match the data they would actually receive, since they had to pay per data point.

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UX/IA Designer
MCD Partners
Creative Strategy, Human-Centered Design, Information Architecture, Interaction
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