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Planet Tobler

An Alien wildlife mockumentary set on a distant planet, 'Planet Tobler’, starring Christopher Lloyd( ‘Back To The Future’, ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest’, ‘Adam’s Family’, ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’). Travel with us to the furthest reaches of our galaxy, where for the first time in history, we bring you documented footage, of an alien planet, and it's wildlife...never...seen...before. Planet Tobler heavily references BBC’s Planet Earth series, presented by David Attenborough. It brewed from admiration of wildlife documentaries such as Planet Earth but also takes a cheeky interpretation of the natural world where naughty bits and quirky misfits engulf this foreign land. It’s a personal project that I made without distributors or funding. A passion project made for the love of making animation, having fun, and portrays how out-of-touch most human’s are with nature. Sound Designer and Co Founder of Echolab, Gavin Little helped produce this film with me which lead to having one of the most iconic voices of my life, Christopher Lloyd come on board. It was an absolute pleasure working and directing the Hollywood Legend, which felt surreal, daunting and incredibly exciting all at the same time.

Project Roles
Animator, Director, Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Flash
2D Animations, Cel Animations, Illustrations
Project Industries
Planet Tobler
Planet Tobler
Planet Tobler
Planet Tobler