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OFFSET Titles - London

This stop-motion title sequence was commissioned by the founders of Ireland’s leading design conference, OFFSET. The brief was that it could be about anything other than cats, under two minutes in length, and without dialogue or voice-over. My pitch, which got the thumbs up was this - Six international characters from across the globe are en route to OFFSET’s first international design conference held in London. They're traveling on their very own custom clay-made motorbikes, each carrying an individual letter to help spell out 'OFFSET'. While driving on the road, they each leave a messy trail that helps spell out the 18 guest speaker’s names. The animation was unique in the sense that no 3D animation was used. All of the characters and assets are made from clay, metal-wire, wool, acrylic paint, and filmed in separate stages which were later composited together digitally in post-production. The math worked out so that each character could own a clay letter for the name of the conference, “OFFEST”, but each of the 6 characters could also reveal other, smaller letters that spelled out 3 guest names while on screen. This allowed all of the 18 guest speakers to be divided perfectly by 6. This made the composition of each frame have a set order which I found really satisfying.

Project Roles
Animator, Director, Illustrator, Letterer
Ways and Means
Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Stop Motion, Conceptual
2D Animations, 3D Animations, 3D Illustrations, Illustrations, Cel Animations, Character Animations, Character Designs
Project Industries
OFFSET Titles - London
OFFSET Titles - London
OFFSET Titles - London
OFFSET Titles - London