Gillette x Tinder - Social Experiment

Gillette was looking for a way to get college aged guys to shave more often. Scruff and beards had gone mainstream. Our solution was to show these young, impressionable gentlemen that women their age actually prefer a well-groomed man to scruffy stubble. How? By partnering with the popular dating app Tinder to do a social experiment. In this swipe-or-die world, your face is all you have. And it can make or break you in about 2.2 seconds. We took some brave souls and filled their Tinder profiles with scruffy, unshaven pics in the name of science. After a week, we cleaned them up and posted new, well-groomed shots. The guys in our test saw a 19% average increase in right swipes after shaving. This was the first major advertising / brand partnership with Tinder. This idea originated as a part of our new business pitch to Gillette. It won us the business. And unlike most every other pitch that has ever happened, they actually made it immediately afterwards.

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Gillette x Tinder - Social Experiment