Issey Miyake MoMA Exhibition

Issey Miyake is a Japanese world-renowned fashion designer who creates his own textiles and brings a sense of freshness and purity into the fashion world. His most famous accomplishment was the release of the Pleats Please clothes line featuring his own pleated clothes that never need to be repeated, due to his custom textiles. This is just one example of Issey Miyake's innovative designs. His textiles and clothing are created in the Japanese tradition of the kimono where two pieces of fabric are never sewn together, but rather joined by ting a piece of fabric. This concept inspired his A-POC (A Piece of Cloth) clothing line. The deliverables below were designed for a possible Issey Miyake exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. I wanted to create a concept that highlighted the simplistic beauty of Miyake's complex designs. The treatment of his name is inspired by his pleats and the line work spanning across the entirety of the handouts is intended as a graphic representation of the line work sewn into the fabrics. The invitation and brochure take his concept of A-POC to heart by providing the illusion of being created out of one continuous loop of paper. The typography in the deliverables intends to emulate the innovative and bold style of Issey Miyake himself. __ *Images credited to IsseyMiyake.com

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Issey Miyake MoMA Exhibition
Issey Miyake MoMA Exhibition
Issey Miyake MoMA Exhibition
Issey Miyake MoMA Exhibition