A Lifetime Appointment

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund calls Friday before Labor Day weekend just as Justice Kavanaugh is about to have his Senate hearing asking for a spot. Over the weekend a strategy is formulated and scripts are written. Over the week, a crew of 22 and a cast of 8 are brought together. By the weekend we're shooting. Thanks to the versatility of the spot and all the issues we're able to talk about, through the next week we're adding partners like Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, Color of Change, SEIU, NARAL, UNIDOS US, DEMOS, National Urban League, etc... By the end of the week we've secured John Legend to be our star. Throughout the production it looked like there was no reason to even try this, it was so locked up. But because the client persevered and because of the new allegations against Kavanaugh, this spot dropped at JUST the right time. Super proud that this is how my own agency gets to do its first spot :) With just $50K for production and $50K for media, we got 10 million views in just the two weeks between launch and confirmation.

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Creative Director, Writer
Copywriting, Creative Direction, Creative Strategy, Post-Production, Producing, Wrangling - Celebrities, Wrangling - Creatives
Commercials - Video
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Advertising, Government, Non-Profit