Babo Teahouse Rebrand

BABO Teahouse is a small food joint located in Montclair, NJ that has many genres of food ranging from boba tea to wings. Its variety of food options and environment make it a very playful and inviting place. They are most known for their interesting and vast options of boba tea so the concept of this website is to highlight the tapioca balls that are signature to boba tea and to compliment the quirky vibe of the location. The website is completely interactive, allowing the user to hover over the circles to reveal information and make the website more of an experience and add some fun to the boring and overused restaurant-menu website. Along with creating BABO's web presence, I also redesigned their printed menu and in-store virtual menus (shown at bottom of page) in order to maintain consistency with the new visual style.

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Art Director, Designer, Project Manager, UI Designer, UX/IA Designer
Babo Teahouse
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Digital, Experiential, Interaction, Print, Sketch
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Babo Teahouse Rebrand
Babo Teahouse Rebrand