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Fonts.com Hero Images

In December 2016 and December 2017 I had the opportunity to create two different hero images for the homepage of Fonts.com. The task was to create a banner that celebrates the uniqueness and beautiful aspects of a typeface or family. See the archive here. Thanks to Ryan Arruda for the opportunities. Canilari (1), designed by Patricio Truenos of Latinotype, immediately struck me as a typeface I'd never seen before. The Pro weight has 710 characters alone and supports 219 languages. Talk about a workhorse. It has strong, angular, calligraphic influence that was very enticing to try out. With the amount of styles available, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to show off its hierarchy and layering capabilities. I continuously paired the italic weight with the heaviest weight since it creates such a beautiful contrast. I came back from a German beer-garden restaurant in Philadelphia before creating this piece, thus the influence. Ed's Market (2), designed by Laura Worthington, was a typeface I chose as a personal challenge. Not only do I not use many sign-painter script typefaces, I tend to avoid families that have lots of different styles in the same package. I struck down this predetermined judgment about these typeface families when I saw how much work was put into Ed's Market. There were at least 3 different versions of every letter in each weight, from narrow to wide to upright to regular, giving the designer a plethora of options at their disposable. This made mixing and matching the weights a lot of fun and required some tinkering. I was inspired by vintage hand-painted grocery signs and my local liquor store. Thanks Plainsboro Liquors!

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Fonts.com Hero Images
Fonts.com Hero Images
Fonts.com Hero Images