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Sugar Rush

Neon Cats, short attention span, and the voices of a generation — Based on Candy Crush and tablet gestures, MTV Millennial Awards was an audiovisual and reactive celebration of self-expression, diversity, music, and connection. The idea was simple, instead of treating motion graphics narratively, I decided to create a library of simple geometric elements that could be customized to generate new compositions. This simple idea, as usual, turned into a complicated but fun journey of experimentation and iteration that took my team and me almost three months to finish. It was a titanic task. We generated more than 150 pieces between nominee packages, loops, show visuals, and a long, etc. I teamed up for this craziness with longtime friends and creative partners Esteban Cuenca, Lucho Suarez and the animation studio SMOG. The audio work was also a laborious task. Partnering with my friends and collaborators, Ulises Viola and Sebastian Oliwa, we created what I called "magnetic voices" An experiment using samples of young voices as our primary source for the compositions, original music, and sound elements. As with the visual development, the idea behind the music was also to generate a library of different items to create new sounds. Based on an experimental millennial approach we developed nearly fifty visuals in different formats for the In Show stage screens, including visuals for the performers. Finally, as part of the project, we were in charge to conceptualize the award for the show. What else could be the best way to immortalize the Millennial generation than using one of the most beloved animals of the digital age: cats. Working together with talented 3D artist Lautaro Papagno, we conceived and created a funny, hipster neon pink cat to be the highest honor in the Millennial MTV Awards.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Editing, Management of Teams 1-10, Motion
Motion Graphics, Television
Project Industries
Entertainment, Media