Volvo Presidents' Day Sales Event

Volvo's annual Presidents' Day Sales Event came with a political edge this year. When tasked with this campaign, my partner and I wanted to create work that held a rich message rather than a dry, hardworking car commercial. In a political climate as divisive as today, we wanted Volvo to take as much of a stand as possible, and as a company that is always looking towards the future, this was the perfect opportunity to take a stand. Although our original concept was titled “Future Presidents’ Day”, we ultimately had to settle on a softer message. However, to ensure our political message was still present, every “future president” we highlighted in the spot was purposefully a young girl. Limited to existing footage, we combed through every former Volvo film to find as many young, diverse girls as we could. The end result: a campaign celebrating a future of women leaders.

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Volvo Presidents' Day Sales Event