Volvo Vision 2020 brand film

This film came as an extension of a spot my partner and I produced for Volvo's annual holiday sales event. For that spot, we were presented with the challenge of only being able to use pre-existing footage. After sifting through the very limiting footage, my partner and I worked to build a concept that felt meaningful contextually and uniform in style. We steered away from the feature heavy, hard sell that these spots tend to result in as we wanted to create something that Volvo had never done before in their sales event spots. Our overarching idea: No one family is the same, and we understand exactly how important each one is. Volvo was so pleased with the end result that they later asked us to adjust the spot to become a brand film, touting the company's mission to end deaths and injuries in any Volvo car by 2020.

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Art Director
Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Editing, Film
Brand Films, Commercials - Broadcast
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Volvo Vision 2020 brand film