— Brief I joined forces in 2015 as partner and creative director to create a strong brand and reach our audience in beautiful and unique ways. Together with my co-creative-director we created a brand guideline, assets for social media, shooting for campaigns and websites such as our unique collection of cocktail. Under-Developpement is the packaging and the design of the bottle as well as all the business documents. This is a never-ending ongoing work! — Challenge In such a market the competition is hard, but with the best product, we have to communicate in a unique way that convey the character of the product, its taste, and the personality of the founders. We aim to change what vodka is to people, and create the attention that Cobalte deserve. — Outcome Cobalte Vodka is growing well in Europe and the different social media account reach now thousands of people. We have a solid and unique way of communicating in the vodka market. Our voice is heard, and appreciated. Both the quality of the product itself and the personality we brought to it is acclaimed.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Cobalte vodka
Commercial, Creative Direction, Design
Brand Guidelines, Logos, Packaging, Social Media Content, Websites
Project Industries
Beverage, Luxury