Tendrils ~ Max Cooper, Trust @ epok

Interactive music video for [Max Cooper's Emergence](http://emergence.maxcooper.net/). Concept, prototyping, development for interactive visuals. --- *Tech* The visuals are an emergent physical system of interacting particles. Complex organic forms emerge spontaneously, from simple interactions at the individual scale - in a fluid-like advection, particles recursively affect and affected by the field of motion. --- *Concept* Forms in motion, interact spontaneously, knitting emergent interconnections. A continuous reflexive process — coheres through ascending scales of complexity; recurs through cycles of entropy and order. Moving through scales, evoking natural forms: From primordial matter, forms; ovum, animal... Through self; community... Towards interconnection; cohesion... --- Led the project visuals - concept, development, project lead. Collaborated with [Max Cooper](https://maxcooper.net/) (music, _Emergence_ project), and [Joe Murrél](https://vimeo.com/murrellproductions) (video editing). A creative response to Max Cooper's amazing _Emergence_ audio-visual project. Evolved out of an experiment I made [exploring an aspect of fluid dynamics](https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/fluid-simulation-for-video-games-part-1). I'd been fascinated by Max's works for a long time (in particular his [collaborations with Andy Lomas](https://vimeo.com/98435385)), and was really excited by the opportunity to work with him to create something between our visions. This turned into a marathon passion project over a long period of evenings/weekends. It was also a place for me to freely explore ideas and expressions, and to experiment with new techniques and technical challenges. --- As featured on: - [Google Chrome Experiments](https://experiments.withgoogle.com/chrome/tendrils)

Project Roles
Art Director, Artist, Creative Director, Creative Technologist, Developer, Front-End Developer
2D, 3D, Art Direction, Conceptual, Creative Direction, CSS, CSS / JS Precompressor, Digital, Digital Tech, Experiential, Front-End Development, Interactive, JavaScript, Low / High Fidelity Prototyping, Particles, Producing, Technology, VFX, WebGL
2D Animations, Art, Interactive Videos, Motion Graphics, Music Videos, Software, Web Apps
Project Industries
Entertainment, Music, Software, Technology
Tendrils ~ Max Cooper, Trust @ epok
Tendrils ~ Max Cooper, Trust @ epok
Tendrils ~ Max Cooper, Trust @ epok
Tendrils ~ Max Cooper, Trust @ epok