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Fight or Flight: Using Neurofeedback to Treat PTSD & Substance Abuse

"An emerging & non-invasive treatment, Neurofeedback helps treat the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse. Watch the video to learn how neurofeedback works, and why it’s been so effective." We tried to create a piece that visually represented some of the problems that the brain can face, and how neurofeedback attempts to help deal with those. Using exposed Kino tubes connected to a dimmer board, and splicing quick glitch cuts into a contained interview setting, the goal was to create visuals that engaged and reinforced the complex content being presented by our interviewees.

Project Roles
The Salvation Army
4K, Cinematic, Creative Direction, Documentary, Filmmaking, Management of Teams 1-10, Managing Budgets
Documentaries, Short Stories
Project Industries
Media, Non-Profit