Virtual Tour Previsualization

In 2016 I began pre-production work with Bajibot and our Buffalo Trace Distillery partner to recreate their 410-acre distillery as a virtual tour to be built in Unity. Unlike other virtual tours where a camera simply moves through the space allowing you to look around a bit, we dreamed of something bigger. Our goal was to fully recreate the distillery, inside and out, as a 3D world in which the visitor could move freely through the space, similar to a video game. What we were willing to give up in photo quality was made up for in the freedom to explore the environment. My company's task was going to be to take the 3D assets provided by Bajibot, and composite them into a seamless world to run on desktop and tablet devices.To understand how the project would need to be build, we went down to the distillery with the crew to capture over 7,000 photos, drove footage, environmental sounds, and video reference material. While the model team focused on the structural elements, I captured wider shots of spaces and relative placements of buildings, trees, flowers, and terrain elements.

Project Roles
Creative Technologist, Director
Buffalo Trace Distillery
3D, Unity
App Design, Architectural Visualization, Concept Art, Desktop Apps, Prototypes, Virtual Reality
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Virtual Tour Previsualization
Virtual Tour Previsualization
Virtual Tour Previsualization
Virtual Tour Previsualization