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Tokyobike Carol-Ring Robots

While caroling is synonymous with Christmas, Tokyobike went the extra mile to deliver a unique experience. Hacking and modding different sensors, Tokyobike Carol-Ring robots was created to surprise the Christmas crowds. The bikes were planted in shopping malls, underpasses, and areas with high human traffic. As soon as people were in the vicinity, the caroling Tokyobikes came alive. Unsuspecting passers-by were greeted with Christmas carols playing autonomously by the bicycle bells, each programmed to play a different note and all coming together harmoniously to ring a Christmas carol. Tokyobike Carol-ring was created to stand out from the crowd, as people were not expecting caroling from bicycles. This demonstrated that the use of simple technology can surprise and create a great effect.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Designer
Creative Direction, Experiential, Interaction, Design, Technology
Advertising, Interactive Installations, Installations, Products - Physical
Project Industries
Advertising, Technology, Lifestyle