Champs x DJ Khaled

When Champs asked us to promote DJ Khaled’s shoe release, we trapped him in a video game, and sent him 75 million years into the past to market shoes. Veloci-rappers, beach bro vikings, and Cronenberg lion/jet skis—all character designs were based on my initial sketches. Short on time, I ended up learning to draw in 16-bit, and created the title game art.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Illustrator
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design, Digital, Fashion, Game Design, Mobile, Retail, Visual Development, Wrangling - Creatives
Advertising, Games - Mobile, Illustrations
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Advertising, Fashion, Gaming, Music, Retail
Champs x DJ Khaled
Champs x DJ Khaled
Champs x DJ Khaled
Champs x DJ Khaled