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SETUP Breton crackers have been a staple in Canadian pantries for decades, but the brand’s social media presence was not quite living up to their reputation as one of the country’s favourite snacking choices. There was little dialog with the audience — social posts were often a one-way street, consisting of safe mass-appeal recipes adapted from broadcast spots, which didn’t make the splash that was intended on social media. Breton had identified their target demographic – female primary caregivers (age 30-50), craving opportunities for creativity – and were they ready to forge a stronger connection with their audience by upping their social media game. STRATEGY Human connection starts with conversation. We developed unique recipes and content designed to polarize Breton’s social audience and spark lively debate. The brand’s Facebook group reacted to the news posts with vigor, discussing ingredient choices, regional traditions and making dietary suggestions. The Facebook group quickly turned into a vibrant community of consumers swapping recipes and debating snacking philosophies.

Project Roles
Director, Editor (Brand/Content), Executive Producer, Writer
Producing, Art Direction, Post-Production
2D Animations, Social Media Content, Commercials - Video
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