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NMD Parley

Plastic is fantastic. Until you throw it away. It's an indestructible material, and when it ends up in our oceans, it kills sea life. The fish eat it, and then we eat the fish, filling our own bloodstreams with microscopic plastic particles. That's why adidas Originals have partnered with Parley for the Oceans, to create footwear out of plastic that pollutes the oceans, minimizing the amount that ends up there. The collaboration puts philosophy into practice, bridging the gap between concrete and water. Turning threat into thread. For the launch of the environmentally-conscious version of the brand's iconic NMD CS1 silhouette, we wanted to create momentum around the sneaker on social media, as well as make people aware of adidas Original's involvement in the Parley cause. We created plastic oceanscapes and used them as sets to photograph the sneaker in. With a series of images and an Instagram story we reminded people that this is the future if we don't take action and invited them to make a change.

Project Roles
Art Director
Adidas Originals
Art Direction
Advertising, Retail Designs, Social Media Content
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Advertising, Fashion
NMD Parley
NMD Parley
NMD Parley