Absolut Nights Party - Berlin Edition

Absolut is known for it's colourful and energetic marketing stunts. As part of their Absolut Nights campaign they commissioned Studio XO to use wearable technology to enhance the party. Studio XO developed 3D printed dresses and a number of accessories including baseball caps, necklaces and armbands. All pieces has wirelessly controlled green laser modules hidden behind 2 way mirror so that the wearers could not see the technology. At midnight the DJ dropped the bass and we switched on the lasers in unison - digital Ecstasy! As Co-founder of Studio XO I was involved right from the beginning of the project in the initial concept development with the client and then into the technical development and delivery of the project.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Creative Technologist
Studio XO
3D CAD, Commercial, Conceptual, Creative Direction, Digital, Experiential, Interaction, Music, Technology
Project Industries
Advertising, Beverage, Music
Absolut Nights Party - Berlin Edition