Levi's Station to Station

Fake Love was tasked with outfitting one of the train cars on the Levi's Station to Station experience. Their solution was to bring four antique tools into twenty-first century: a typewriter which composed/posted tweets, a guitar which recorded/posted songs to SoundCloud, a still camera which took/posted images to Instagram and a video camera which took/posted videos to Instagram. I helped build the infrastructure which allowed the tools to communicate with their collaborating services; allowed users to apply filters to photos and videos; allowed users to create profiles and link their social media accounts.

Project Roles
Back-End Developer, Developer, Front-End Developer
Fake Love
Back-End Development, JavaScript, Front-End Development
Advertising, Art, Events, Interactive Installations, Social Media Content, Web Apps, Websites
Project Industries
Advertising, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Media, Music, Software, Technology