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Self Portrait No. ---

With this piece, I learned a lot about how to manipulate colors to create a mood. It can't get too "weird" even with a strange color scheme because it ends up not looking like what you want it to portray. The surreal style I am going for must have an element of realism, it must look like it could feasibly exist even though it does not currently. After the first "done" stage I was challenged to look more closely at the lines and textures of edges, and not creating necessarily a uniform edge, but to manipulate it to tell the story I want. I really had to look deeply at line in this piece as well, what the composition was saying and where it was leading the eye. I had to make some major and minor changes to bring attention to the correct focal points.

Project Roles
Artist, Designer, Illustrator
2D, Adobe Photoshop, Art Direction, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Painting, Sketch, Technology
Art, Book Covers, Character Designs, Concept Art, Icons, Illustrations, Portraits
Project Industries
Entertainment, Media
Self Portrait No. ---