Samsung Liquid Canvas

To celebrate the launch of the Galaxy S8 and showcase its innovative features, Fake Love created an experience that, "made users the artists and gave them the opportunity to create a liquid portrait of themselves." Upon walking into the experience, users were handed an S8 and instructed to take a selfie, choose a filter, submerge the phone and use a combination of water movement and motion to manipulate their selfie. Users also had the option to email their creation to themselves at the end of the experience. Fake Love assisted in the deployment of the first few instances of this installation, which consisted of the pool, sensors, S8s and a hidden server responsible for manipulating the images and running the back-end service. The keys were then turned over and Samsung was able to stand up dozens of instances of the installation on their own, which included spawning new instances of the back-end service. I had a number of wide-ranging responsibilities on this project: I built the back-end/API responsible for accepting the finalized portrait from the client application and emailing it to the user, exposing an admin interface and aggregating data about user engagement; I was responsible for creating a containerized environment that the client could use when standing up new instances of the server; I crafted the HTML email template used to email users their portrait.

Project Roles
Back-End Developer, Developer, Front-End Developer
Fake Love
Back-End Development, Clojure, CSS, Front-End Development, HTML, Java, Linux
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Samsung Liquid Canvas