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PortW :: Neurofeedback & Wine-tasting

An audio-visual interactive performance created by the muarts team and the Hand-Coded visual artists team for a Churchill’s Port event. In the way that human emotions are very subjective and very dificult to assess and they are mostly evaluated by means of self-reported questionnaires and assessments, focus group or psychological interviews, mainly regarding the field of marketing and publicity. We propose, and based in this new line of research, to use this cost-effective and off-the-shelf neuro-headsets to estimate human emotions and brain states applied to eld of marketing. There are many studies in the eld of Neuromarketing where EEG is used as a measure technique. In this specific project and acting as proof of concept we used real-time EEG to undertake a publicity campaign for the Port-Wine brand Churchills Grahams, Lda. We named this model as Interactive Neuromarketing. For this project we used the model underlying Neurofeedback of translating, in real-time, the activity of the brain while costumers were blind-tasting three different types of Port-Wine and converting it in an audio-visual information for the rest of the crowd to see it. With this in mind we intended to create a new kind of brand activation event where the client would interact with the product in two different ways: the classical way of tasting it (blind-tasting) and the new way of perceiving their brain reaction to the Port-wine in real-time. In this way the client would leave the event with 3 different cues of which wine and mainly of the wine he/she liked the most: a taste cue, a visual cue and an auditory cue, being the last two cues real-time reflections of their brain reaction to the Port-Wine. To create a more interactive piece and environment we gathered the information from the taster’s brain in order to generate a dynamic animation for the projection on the bottle.

Project Roles
Art Director, Sound Designer
Art Direction, Visual Development
Interactive Installations, Interactive Videos
Project Industries
Advertising, Wine/Spirits
PortW :: Neurofeedback & Wine-tasting
PortW :: Neurofeedback & Wine-tasting
PortW :: Neurofeedback & Wine-tasting
PortW :: Neurofeedback & Wine-tasting