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Challenging your betting instinct

A betting client had negotiated a series of tiny TV spots on a sports channel and wanted my team and I to convert the spots to web traffic, ultimately resulting in online signups for a betting website. We create a series of films way longer than the TV spots we were given, we hosted them on a website and used the tiny TV spots to run trailers for the films to be found online. The reason it worked so well was that we used well know personalities in our films, one of which was a local sports star. The trailers promoted the films which put our sports hero in various competitive situations against a fair less physically able component. We challenged viewers to guess which contestant would win. Of course not all of the activities relied on strength. The odds were even. Perhaps added by the fact that our TV spots were shown in the break, and our films were designed to be consumed on mobile, we gained high volumes of traffic to our online films as viewers sort to entertain themselves on their sofas. The psychology at play was simple. Give people something fun to trigger their betting instinct, then offer them a serious platform to put it to use. Simply put, the incoming traffic to our campaign microsite and films was then directed to our client's betting service. Resulting in an unusually high number of sign ups to the business during the campaign period.

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Creative Director
Art Direction, Cinematography, Conceptual, Content, Content Management, Creative Direction, Design, Digital, Filmmaking, Humor, Management of Teams 10-20, Social, Strategy
Brand Films, Commercials - Broadcast, Interactive Videos, Social Media Content
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Challenging your betting instinct