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Lowbrau Bierhalle

As housing crashed washed over the nation in late two thousand aughts, the ultra lounges and fancy clubs faded with it. People were yearning for more down-to-earth experiences to take their place. As a departure from the bourgeoisie lounges before it, I created Lowbrau as a tongue-in-cheek, beer bar concept. One that would humbly recapture peoples loyalty and reconnect them with their honest love of simple drink, quality food and good friends. Wrapped in the age old Bavarian style, blended a highly designed offering with a "low-end" and approachable brand. Food was rich and flavorful, beer was elevated as a craft product and space was built to share. Combined with great music, stylish execution and influx of youthful energy, Lowbrau immediately shifted the culture of Midtown and reignited the local creative economy around the venue, spawning multiple festivals, markets and live shows. Lowbrau was instrumental in kickstarting the craft beer bar movement around the region and paved the way for many more.

Project Roles
Creative Direction, Design, Conceptual
Branded Content, Concept Art
Project Industries
Beverage, Entertainment, Restaurant
Lowbrau Bierhalle
Lowbrau Bierhalle