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Henderson - Eureka Moments

The world of investment can be a fascinating place. Anything involving that much money often is. So why is so much of the advertising, marketing and content so dry? Our client, Henderson Global Investors, was looking to attract a new audience – one keen to learn more about how the markets work. I came up with the concept of eureka moments; that instant where the penny drops and our audience finally understand this complex subject. I wrote the scripts and a treatment for the animation style for this smart series of videos. We hired comedy legend Harry Enfield for the voice over. Naturally, he brought his own inimitable style to the recording, giving the videos an extra dash of character and class. The series was loved by the client and helped engage a wider audience for their investment proposition.

Project Roles
Art Direction, Conceptual, Content, Copywriting, Creative Direction
2D Animations, Advertising, Branded Content
Project Industries
Advertising, Finance
Henderson - Eureka Moments
Henderson - Eureka Moments
Henderson - Eureka Moments