MINI Defy Labels Super Bowl 50

Small... cute... chick. MINI has been called a lot of things over the years. So we went ahead and embraced these labels and abruptly turned them on their head in a star-studded Super Bowl Spot. We also created a social campaign called #DefyLabels and populated it with unique video content. It ended up being the third-most-watched commercial on Super Bowl 50 by garnering over 40MM views on YouTube. MINI and #DefyLabels became the most talked about car brand on social media during the big game. After all was said and done, Defy Labels became the most successful advertising effort in MINI history.

Project Roles
Art Director
Butler Shine & Stern
Art Direction, Conceptual, Copywriting
Advertising, Commercials - Broadcast
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MINI Defy Labels Super Bowl 50