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Thelma and Louise

This painting of two lionesses took quite a while, because, as I have been frequently known to do, I became obsessed with the details. As I was working on it, I pondered what to name it. I usually name the animals, rather than the painting. One name kept coming to me: “Thelma & Louise.” I posted it on a women's art group page, and was very happy with the positive response I got for the painting, but was surprised at the variety of responses I got for the name. Everyone seemed to either love it or hate it. There were some who strongly discouraged me from using that name, because, as one person put it, "Thelma & Louise" came to a "sticky end." Well, yes they did. But they were strong women. And I liked that. In the end, "Thelma & Louise" just seemed to fit. So I kept it.

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Thelma and Louise