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This is an animation based on a painting that I was asked to create to promote the Graphics Department of the company for which I was working. Three illustrators, including myself, were tasked to each create an illustration based on one of three words: Discover, Focus, and Inform. These three illustrations were then put up as murals on the walls of the department. My word was Discover, and I created a painting using elements of the Fibonacci Sequence, a DNA strand, the ocean, trees and stars, using some painterly, and some rough, sketchy qualities to the elements. After all three murals had been completed, I created animations based on our paintings. This is the animation based on my painting, "Discover." The final frame shows how the completed painting looked on the wall, placed inside the Graphics' Departments branding icon. The gorgeous music for this was composed by cleanmindsounds, and was purchased specifically for use in this video.

Project Roles
Animator, Artist, Illustrator, Sound Designer
2D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Illustrator
2D Animations
Project Industries