Netflix Narcos x Deadline Dealings

Netflix and SPORTbible partnered to help Narcos own Transfer Deadline Day and promote the launch of the new series. To encourage new and existing Narcos fans to tune in, we targeted SPORTbible’s community of 18-34 year-old males by aligning our campaign with one of the things they care about the most - football. The series premiered on 1st September so we devised a strategy to share reactionary, up to the minute social content that commented on the major happenings of the day - featuring everyone’s favourite Narcos characters! Content included hilarious fake subtitled videos, native style memes, Instagram Stories and a full display takeover on SPORTbible. A project manager for this campaign I worked closely with the team to create content that could be approved in advance, then published in reaction to real time events with minor tweaks. This required out extensive advanced project planning and innovative strategic thinking. As a result we delivered a media-first takeover of SPORTbible channels to position Narcos at the heart of Transfer Deadline Day.

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Netflix Narcos x Deadline Dealings