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Legion Social/AV Campaign

If your reality is delusion, delusion is your reality. The critically acclaimed FX series ‘Legion’ is predicated on mocking your cerebral senses, tricking your mind to believe what is, really isn’t, and what isn’t is indeed reality. To tease at the much anticipated second season, we created a social video turned broadcast spot that places viewers on the therapy couch of the mental parasite Lenny (Aubrey Plaza). Lenny takes on the role of psychiatrist, diagnosing the viewer with a case of insanity, making us believe that the show was nothing but a figment of our warped minds… that it was all in our heads.

Project Roles
Writer, Copywriter
FX Network
Copywriting, Editing, Storyboarding
Commercials - Video, Social Media Content
Project Industries
Legion Social/AV Campaign