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National Kidney Foundation

HEART YOUR KIDNEYS Chronic kidney disease is the 9th leading cause of death in the U.S., yet kidneys never get the same level of attention as other vital organs, such as the heart. So we created Heart Your Kidneys—a digital and experiential campaign that encourages people to show their kidneys more love, playing off the culture of tattoos that kidney donors and recipients often get to commemorate their experience. It came to life through a series called Scars & Ink, where we documented people’s stories behind these tattoos. We also created a set of temporary tattoos, hydration-monitoring tech tattoos, and 3 short educational videos.

Project Roles
Art Director
national kidney foundation
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Design
Advertising, Case Study Videos, Commercials - Video, Social Media Content, Tattoos
Project Industries
Advertising, Non-Profit
National Kidney Foundation
National Kidney Foundation
National Kidney Foundation
National Kidney Foundation