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AWAKE is an experimental aural/visual project depicting a lone soul, played by Abi Laurel, wandering through an otherworldly landscape upon waking on an unknown shore shrouded in fog. As her mysterious surroundings become severed with glitching fragments of another world, we begin to wonder... which reality did we wake up in, and how do we escape? Our subject must ascend from the digitally crumbling abyss and into the unknown light in order to and solace and clarity, before she finds herself lost in this shadowy realm forever. The inspiration for this project was the parallel of nature in its rawest, most powerful form, and the frenetic energy of the ever evolving, pervasive force of technology. When we can no longer separate the two worlds, will we ever wake up, or become lost in the artificial fog forever?

Project Roles
Cinematographer, Director, Editor (Brand/Content)
Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects
Experimental Films, Music