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Open Internet Explainer Video

We created these concepts and story ideas for an explainer video about OpenInternet.Global’s “A Democratic Guide to Applying Internet Rights and Principles”. Rather than highlighting specifc real-world instances of undemocratic societies, we proposed a series of minimal, abstract fables: short stories that use metaphors to express universal truths. In each brief vignette, a different citizen (designed in a unique, striking, colour to highlight their individuality) is affected by the actions of a group of powerful-looking government figures, their abstract shapes suggestive of soldiers/police/bureaucrats. These opressive characters are all identical, designed in a uniform grey, emphasising their conformity and coldness. The single colourful individual, surrounded by the crowd of faceless grey figures, creates a compelling visual metaphor for the difficulties faced by individuals in undemocratic countries. In the conclusion, we see the nine individuals from the previous vignettes, now accompanied by a crowd of similarly colourful friends, coming together and protesting (peacefully!) against the opressive group of grey soldier/ police/burreaucrats. The previously powerful establishment group is now dwarfed by the colourful crowd…

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Illustrator
Real Good Liars
2D, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Storyboarding
2D Animations, Character Animations, Concept Art, Mood Boards, Motion Graphics
Project Industries
Open Internet Explainer Video
Open Internet Explainer Video
Open Internet Explainer Video