Barbecue Bible

Barbecue is a Brazilian passion. Tramontina, the leading brand in kitchen supplies in Brazil, has the most complete line of barbecue accessories. Putting two and two together, we helped the brand prove just how seriously they take barbecuing with the creation of a limited edition book, The Bible of Barbecue. The Bible of Barbecue is the only cookbook that provides you with all the necessary components and raw materials for grilling. Yes, all of them. Each page is designed to be used or destroyed as part of an authentic Brazilian barbecue experience. One page is made entirely out of coal, another of salt. One is for sharpening your knife, while another turns into an apron. Cover to cover, The Bible of Barbecue is everything the barbecue aficionado needs to make some perfectly delectable grub. Copies of the book were produced and given to Brazilian master barbecue chefs, though simplified versions are set to be produced and sold in select bookstores in Brazil.

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